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Have You Ever Seen A Hockey Coach Tirade Featuring Partial Nudity? Now You Have

Big ups to Wysh over at Puck Daddy for this fantastic clip of a recent clothes-shedding tirade of Greg Pankewicz, an assistant coach for the CHL Colorado Eagles. Obviously upset, Pankewicz has a complete meltdown on the bench and begins stripping to express his frustration over what he views as some unfair treatment of one of his players by a linesman.

Reporter-on-the-scene Adam Dunivan recounts how Pankewicz ended up partially nude and shoeless (via the Loveland Reporter-Herald):

The game will be remembered, on the short-term, as a regular-season victory, but will live on for Pankewicz’s reaction to linesman Chris Wilson tackling Joe Grimaldi after a scuffle broke out on the ice with four and a half minutes gone in the third.

While Dan Sullivan and Russell Smith were engaged in fisticuffs, Grimaldi keyed in on another Mississippi player, but before he could get to him was tackled hard to the ice by Wilson.

Pankewicz was irate, and methodically dismantled his three-piece suit and tossed the clothing to the ice. Shirtless, Pankewicz’s last tosses included his loafers. He did not want to comment on the situation after the game, but [Coach Chris] Stewart had plenty to say.

“I thought it was very heavy-handed on the part of the linesman to attack a player in that manner,” Stewart said. “I don’t think that’s acceptable; everyone has emotions running high, … but that isn’t right. That’s a league matter, but it certainly will be addressed.”

Awesome. Now if that isn’t a stellar example of the lengths a coach will go in order to fulfill the mantra of “Gotta Support The Team,” well, I don’t know what would be. The guy was half-naked, for Pete’s sake.

Eagles dominant in toppling Kings [Loveland Reporter-Herald (via Puck Daddy)]