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Reigning Miss USA Rima Fakih To Participate In WWE’s ‘Tough Enough’ Competition

Well, that’s a weird career move. But it be true: Rima Fakih, the reigning Miss USA from Michigan, has signed on to participate in Tough Enough, some kind of WWE competition. My knowledge of professional wrestling is not what it used to be – especially relating to its current status (you can ask me anything about Hillbilly Jim, though) – but apparently, Tough Enough is some kind of professional wrestling reality TV thingy where participants compete for a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (thanks, Wikipedia!).

A statement released by Fakih (via Fanhouse):

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to battle for a title in an entirely different competition,” said Fakih in a press release. “Miss USA is an incredible honor that’s provided invaluable experience which will undoubtedly help me as I push my performance and athletic skills to the limit. I look forward to learning if I have the mettle to make it in WWE.”

While this opportunity is sure to raise Fakih’s profile among folks who do not generally take an interest in Miss USA pageants, one has to wonder how the powers-that-be who run the pageant feel about their reigning princess taking part in a professional wrestling/reality television hybrid show…

(looks up who runs the pageant, discovers it is Donald Trump)

…never mind. Oh, and lest we forget, Miss Fakih is the very same Miss USA who once participated in a pole dancing competition prior to her crowning as Miss USA, and Trump didn’t take issue with that development. But that’s The Donald for you…

And we thank him for that.

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