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Daytona 500 Broadcast Will Feature Glowing Cars In Attempt To Capture Coveted Raver Market

Glowing pucks a/k/a FoxTrax, the NHL innovation from a bygone era that ended up being an epic fail of historic proportions? So passé, so 1990s. But glowing cars, on the other hand, are on the cutting edge of broadcast technology and FOX will be taking it for a test spin as the network will utilize thermal cameras during Sunday’s broadcast of the Daytona 500. The cameras will cause the cars to glow different colors according to the heat generated by the individual autos. Far out, dude.

But Fox Sports President Eric Shanks has made it clear that the new toy will not take away from the raw, live coverage of the race. Instead, the images generated and captured by the thermal cameras will only be used intermittently during replays (via USA Today)

But the glowing shots, which will be used only on replays, could also tell viewers how hot the cockpits are getting for drivers and can look pretty cool around the tires as cars speed out of pit stops. Just think of the possibilities, suggests Shanks. “I’ve seen what this camera looks like if a car flips over and flames come out,” he said. “That could be a spectacular image.”

Indeed. I’ll be tuning in and will be very interested to see how this plays out, and I’m sure countless ravers – if they catch wind of the news – will take in the Daytona 500 just to see the trippy images. No word on whether any house music – or whatever the devil the music is called which is played at raves – will be pumped into the broadcast for the club kids to dance to while waving their blasted glow sticks.

But wait. Do people even go to raves anymore? I have to admit, I’m somewhat out of touch with the trends relating to the hipster dance club subculture. Perhaps raves are passé, too, just like pretty much every pop culture phenomenon I still enjoy. Hey, if groovin’ to Boz Scaggs and cutting a rug while doing The Hustle is good enough for me, they should be good enough for you, too, you hipster doofuses.

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