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Coolest. Bobblehead. Ever. (If You’re A Minnesota Twins Fan)

Oh, sweet, sweet memories.

Many of the young whippersnappers out there wearing their complicated shoes and listening to that darned hippity hop music probably have no idea whatsoever what is being depicted in the above bobblehead, but to the delight of older Minnesota Twins fans (and the chagrin of older Atlanta Braves fans), it resonates and hearkens back to a key moment in the 1991 World Series, which is often characterized as one of the best Fall Classics of all-time.

In Game 2, in the top of the 3rd inning with two outs and the Twins leading 2-1, Ron Gant singled to left field, advancing Lonnie Smith to third base. What happened next has gone down as one of the most controversial plays in World Series history. As Gant returned to first base after rounding it, Twins pitcher Kevin Tapani threw over to first baseman Kent Hrbek, and depending on your point of view, what followed was either the greatest play ever or the most deceitful play ever. As Gant made his way back to the bag, either his momentum carried him off or the lumbering lummox Hrbek used his considerable girth and with some kind of improvised wrestling move, lifted Gant off the bag and applied the tag. Umpire Drew Coble believed it was the former, not the latter, and called Gant out. End of the inning. Chaos ensued and ultimately, the Twins went on to win Game 2 and the Series in seven games. Out-freaking-standing. For a Twins fan like myself, of course.

Apparently, my pal Michael Rand over at RandBall did some digging (the above photo originally surfaced on the Twins’ Facebook page) and has learned from the Twins that the above bobblehead will be part of some promotion this summer, the 20th anniversary of that 1991 World Champion Minnesota Twins team. Excellent.

Sorry if I’m rubbing salt in the still festering wounds of Atlanta Braves fans out there, but that bobblehead is about as cool as it gets. Ah, memories.

99 percent of you will think this bobblehead of Kent Hrbek and Ron Gant is the best ever [Randball]