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Boy In LPGA Commercial Gets His Forehead Signed By Natalie Gulbis

The LPGA is rolling out a new ad campaign and in one of the ads, the extremely lovely and supremely talented Natalie Gulbis – a favorite of the Sportress, I might add – discusses the importance of signing autographs as a means to better connect with fans. In the commercial, Gulbis – after getting permission from the kid’s mother – happily signs a boy’s forehead with a Sharpie. Hate to break it to you, kid, but it all goes down from here after that brush with fame.

Sure, the exclamation “Natalie Gulbis signed my forehead!!” lacks the awkward hilarity of theĀ  “Chris Cooper signed my scar!!” scene from Brain Candy, but I’m pretty sure it was quite the thrill for the kid. Also, it was real, not a scene from a twisted film courtesy of the demented minds of the lads from Kids in the Hall. If you haven’t seen the film, go right now to a place where videotapes or film are sold or rented, and buy it. Or rent it. And watch it. It is delightful.

Moving on, Gulbis, in keeping with the theme of the commercial, admits that there she has been subjected to some strange requests as to where a fan of hers would like her to apply her Herbie Hancock, which gives me a terrific idea. Sure, one that would likely get me kicked out of the gallery, but a terrific idea nonetheless.

[H/T Waggle Room]