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Oooh, Burn: Padres Pitcher Mat Latos Adds ‘I Hate SF’ To Autographed Baseballs

Take that, San Francisco Giants organization! You guys have been totally burned! Ha! That’s some serious comeuppance, people.

A San Diego sports memorabilia shop has sold three balls autographed by San Diego Padres pitcher Mat Latos for $1,100 that not only featured his signature but also included a little jab at the San Francisco Giants written on them. Latos chose to make the autographed balls unique by making an editorial comment on the baseballs, writing “I hate SF!” on each of them. Burn.

Latos insists it was all in good fun but understands that some people may not appreciate his joke at the expense of the World Series champions (via Yahoo!):

“I did it all in fun,” he said Wednesday. “No disrespect to them. But it’s not going to matter what I say because people are going to take it however they want.”

But hey, it was all for charity, apparently, as half of the proceeds from the sale of the baseballs benefited the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association. That’s nice and all, but I’m concerned how this might ignite something of a snark war between the organizations. First you have some guy innocently having some fun at a rival’s expense by cracking wise on an autographed ball, the next thing you know, tensions escalate and before you know it, some prankster is leaving a flaming bag of dog poop outside the other team’s clubhouse. I’ve seen it a million times before and it never ends well.

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