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Kevin Durant Has Signed A Deal To Promote Pressed Sandwiches Or Something

Well, that’s certainly odd. By no means do I have the business acumen (nor the basic intelligence) to question the wheeling and dealing of superstar NBA athletes, but Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant signing on to be a spokesperson for tasty Italian pressed sandwiches is a strange one indeed. Further, what exactly is he promoting? A certain brand of Paninis? Lean Cuisine? Stouffer’s? Or is this some kind of deal to promote a particular brand of Panini maker? So many questions. And as far as I know, there is no such thing as the National Panini Organization or anything like that, and even if there were, what would his duties entail? Trade shows? Appearances in commercials touting the economic benefits of the Panini? And why would any organization associated with the Panini produce cards and memorabilia? And will these cards feature Durant feasting upon different kinds of Panini? A Ham and Cheese in one and aTurkey Bacon Swiss in another? Weird stuff, man.

Usually, I don’t spend the time actually reading articles – time is money and generally, a headline provides ample information – but in this case, perhaps I should delve a little deeper in order to solve this mystery…

Ohhhh, I get it now. It’s a deal with Panini America, which just so happens to formally be known as Donruss Trading Card Company. That makes quite bit more sense, although a trading card isn’t as tasty as a Panini, so there’s that. And now I’m hungry and my Panini maker is in the shop getting much needed repairs. Thanks for nothing, Panini America and Kevin Durant.

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