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Women College Basketball Players Be Fighting…

A college basketball game between Bethune-Cookman and Maryland-Eastern Shore was suspended with 16:22 remaining in the second half due to a physical altercation which resulted in the court being cleared. The teams were sent to their respective locker rooms and the referees elected to not continue the game, citing “unsportsmenlike conduct” on both squads. Say, shouldn’t that be unsportswomanlike behavior? You know, in order to be politically correct and stuff? I say if the ladies are going to brawl like the big boys, their aggressive behavior should at the very least be characterized appropriately.

In any event, Bethune-Cookman was leading by a score of 32-21 when play was halted, and in the end, ensuring player safety was the prevailing concern among everyone involved.

Via FOX Sports:

”It’s unfortunate that something like this occurred,” said Bethune-Cookman coach Vanessa Blair in a statement. ”The most important thing now is the safety and welfare of the student-athletes involved.”

Indeed, but the second most important thing? Video. And that’s where this story is seriously lacking: the absence of any visual documentation of the melee. That sucks. But oh well, I guess we will just have to assume said physical altercation involved plenty of hair pulling and scratching and whatnot.

What’s that? The photo? Well, um, that one is on me. My thought is that at least we can dream that a couple of the gals involved rose to the level of aggressive sexiness depicted above. But yes, I do understand that the women who were mixing it up were college basketball players, but here’s the thing: an active imagination can prove to be an invaluable asset when presented with instances such as these. It makes things…nicer.

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