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Peter Forsberg And His Epic Comeback Fail

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In case you haven’t heard, Colorado Avalanche center Peter Forsberg has stopped short in his so-called triumphant return to the NHL following his brief “retirement” by hanging up the skates a mere two games into his much ballyhooed comeback attempt. Forsberg announced his retirement formally during a press conference on Monday and to say that things did not go as planned would be a drastic understatement. Far be it from me to criticize an athlete (yeah, right), but allow me to interject here that Forsberg’s actions make him wholly unworthy of being sponsored by Miller High Life. Clearly, Forsberg does not get it, nor do I expect him to pick up on what constitutes being a good guy and doing the right thing anytime soon, although it’s a bit too late now anyway.

The 37-year-old Swede, called Foppa by his devotees, likely realized that his balky right foot couldn’t handle the rigors of the remainder of the NHL season, especially after appearing in consecutive games on back-to-back nights on Friday and Saturday, both losses for the ‘Lanche. All in all, it was a good run. Well, it was a run. Okay, more like an awkward limp that is embarrassing to watch, but still. A chronology of his comeback and a report on his futile efforts can be found here, but here are Forsberg’s numbers during his brief – and embarrassing – return to the NHL:

2 games, 35 minutes, 3 shots on goal, no goals, no assists, 4 penalty minutes and perhaps most illustrative, an abysmal -4 in the +/- category.

I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure those would be All-Star numbers in the Bizarro World Hockey League.

In any event, Forsberg’s brief return to the NHL was not only anticlimactic, it was a bit selfish – let’s be honest, he had no business wasting the team’s time with all this foolishness. To wit:

  • No team player would ever selfishly put his need for attention and adulation above the well-being of his team. Not only that, Forsberg took a valuable and much coveted roster spot away from a young and hungry player while he was attempting his epic comeback fail.
  • Forsberg shouldn’t have given up so easily. Sure, I bet his foot really did hurt after pushing it two nights in a row. Rub some dirt on it, Foppa. He had already come this far, so to just up and quit two games in shows a lack of intestinal fortitude – not the characteristics you look for in a great player.
  • Forsberg was clearly shortsighted in his quest to return to the NHL and put himself in quite the precarious position which was fraught with a bevy of chances to come out of this looking like a fool. Forsberg should have seen this coming and never put himself out there to fail so miserably.

While the statements above only scratch the surface regarding Peter Forsberg’s epic comeback fail, the recent selfish behavior exhibited by one of the all-time NHL greats likely will not tarnish his image permanently – hockey fans will ultimately forgive him for his ill-fated comeback attempt – but I can state this as an unequivocal fact: Peter Forsberg made a critical error in judgment and should have thought twice before making a go of it. If he had the foresight to see how this chase for one last stab at glory would inevitably end up – let’s face facts, there was no chance his broken down body could hack the grind of professional hockey, even it was only going to be a third of an NHL season – at least we all wouldn’t have had to watch it. Not High Life-worthy at all.

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