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What Year Is It, 1992? NBA Is Using Lenny Kravitz To Promote 2011 NBA All-Star Game

What in the name of Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart is going on around here? I guess you could say, as far as the 2011 NBA All-Star Game is concerned, the brain wizards behind the event are going to Let Love Rule. Otherwise, how else can we explain their decision to not only have 1990s retread Lenny Kravitz perform at the All-Star Game this coming Sunday, but have also chosen to utilize Lenny’s “new” song (I put “new” in quotes because it sounds exactly like every other song he has ever done), “Come On Get It.” Far out, man.

Now, as far as acts who usually headline these kind of events, Lenny Kravitz isn’t necessarily a terrible choice, just one that would have made much more sense about 18 years ago. Now, I was a casual fan of Lenny way back in the day, but his time has long since passed.Agree? Disagree? Let me put it to you this way, relating to the questionable decision of having Lenny Kravitz perform, Are You Gonna Go My Way? Or are you with the NBA on this one? Tough call, and I understand it’s a tough spot to be in, but I got to, got to know…

(puts on giant afro wig, plays air drums)

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