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Snag-Gate Update: Tiger Woods To Be Fined Undisclosed Amount For Spitting On Green

Spitting? Outdoors? On a golf course? Oh, the humanity! Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Thankfully, the European Tour had the good sense to take on the role of morality police and will be fining Tiger Woods an undisclosed amount due to his “reprehensible” behavior Sunday during the Dubai Desert Classic when he spit on the 12th green, which is apparently a breach of the Tour’s highfalutin code of conduct.

The Tour’s statement, via The Telegraph:

“The Tournament Director, Mike Stewart, has reviewed the incident and feels there has been a Breach of the Tour Code of Conduct and consequently Tiger Woods will be fined.”

The undisclosed fine will be communicated immediately via Woods’s representatives in the United States.

Well, that’s a relief. It’s high time an organization had the courage to take a stand and crack down on the shameful behavior commonly exhibited by professional golfers while competing. Now that this dreadful spitting ordeal has been addressed, I hope we can move on from this tragedy and expect only the most civilized demeanor out of pro golfers from this point forward. Enough with all the barbarism.

I only wonder if Tiger’s spitting was originally reported by a fan watching on television. As we all know now, the lazy schlub sitting on his couch playing tattletale should be the real moral authority on what does or does not occur on the golf course during a tournament.

Tiger Woods guilty of breaking European Tour’s code of conduct and fined for spitting at Dubai Desert Classic [The Telegraph]