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Photo: Evidence That The 400 Displaced Super Bowl Ticket Holders Were Treated Like Total Crap

Killer seats, dude! Great work, NFL and Jerry Jones.

The above photo was sent to USA Today by Thomas Noone, one of the fans who showed up at Cowboys Stadium for Super Bowl XLV and were informed that the NFL would not be able to honor their end of the deal and accommodate the ticket holders with what each and ever single one of the them rightfully deserved and expected: a freaking seat at the Super Bowl. Instead, the Super Bowl XLV Refugees were rounded up, transported and ultimately placed in the above deplorable Super Bowl seating conditions.

Mr. Noone provided the following rightfully bitter message along with the photo:

“This is a photograph of the area we where relocated to by the Dallas Cowboy Organization for the Super Bowl. Let me know your opinion and feel free to let anyone you know how poorly we where treated. No seats, could not go to get food from the concession area and not allow to leave the area to tour the stadium.”

Harsh. And how much did the Noones pay for their tickets, you ask? $800 a pop. For that view. Crap, even Bob Uecker thinks these “seats” suck.

Non-seated Super Bowl fan shares look at ‘terrible’ accommodations [USA Today]