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Member Of ‘Never Missed A Super Bowl Club’ Headed To The Big Super Bowl In The Sky

Robert Cook, known as one of the members of the “Never Missed A Super Bowl Club” from those annoying VISA commercials, has sadly passed away at the age of 79.

Cook missed his first Super Bowl last week after an illness that eventually took his life prevented him from making the trip to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV. But now is not the time for sadness. Instead, let us celebrate the wonderful life Cook enjoyed and all the amazing memories he created for himself by attending every Super Bowl. Further, Cook is now in a better place after shuffling off this mortal coil and booked his ticket to the Great Big Eternal Super Bowl In The Sky. Picture it: a Super Bowl experience free of all the crap we have become accustomed to due to the nauseating over-hyping of the event: no travel headaches, no epic national anthem fails, no lackluster halftime shows and most importantly, no Jerry Jones and the NFL selling tickets at ridiculous prices for seats that people could very well have possibly died in while watching the game from an obstructed view… or on monitors. See? You’re feeling better about Cook’s death already.

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