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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift: High-Heel Hooker/Street Baller Hybrid High-Tops

Fellas, did Valentine’s Day sneak up on you again? Are you finding yourself frazzled while frantically searching for a last minute gift idea to please the special lady in your life? Fret no longer, and you can thank Oklahoma Thunder superstar Kevin Durant for uploading a photo of these bad boys and effectively saving your procrastinating ass…well, as long as your special lady friend happens to be a woman on the go who doesn’t have the time to change out of her basketball shoes after a 3-on-3 pickup game before strutting her stuff on a street corner.

That’s right, kiddos: the high-heeled hooker-street baller hybrid high-tops are here. Killer. With these fashionable yet functional kicks, your gal can instantly go from dropping dimes on the court to turning tricks on the street. Time is money, people.

To be honest, I have no idea whether or not these are real – nor do I have any inclination to do any additional research on the topic – but if they are, I have one thing to ask: Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?

Actually, if we could somehow convince the WNBA to outfit their players in these shoes…nah…those gals have enough trouble as it is, although I have the suspicion this guy would absolutely love the idea.

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