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Tim Lincecum Is Trying To Grow A Mustache, Now Resembles A Young John Waters

To be perfectly honest, to refer to that wispy, stray strands of hair sprouting above his upper lip a mustache is giving the San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum far too much credit. That’s not a mustache, that’s an onlyifyoufeelikeitstache. That’s the kind of mustache people grow in the Bizarro World.

This photo comes courtesy of Comcast Sportsnet Bay and I have to admit it gave a nice late afternoon chuckle. The scarf ain’t helping, either. But he really does kind of resemble a young John Waters, does he not? I don’t know, maybe he’s going for a young Vito Corleone look but can’t pull it off due to his inability to grow a real man’s mustache like De Niro.

[H/T Hardball Talk]