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Bob Griese Retiring From Broadcasting, Probably To ‘Make A Run For The Border’

It’s been a good run, but after 29 years, mostly with ESPN and ABC, veteran college football broadcaster – as well as Pro and College Football Hall of Famer – Bob Griese has announced his retirement.

His statement, via ESPN Media Zone:

“I’ve had a wonderful career and now it’s time to experience new things,” Griese said. “I’ve had many highlights along the way, from working the NFL’s Super Bowl and college football’s championship games to covering many of my son Brian’s games during his undefeated season in 1997. I want to thank ABC, ESPN and the fans for their support and all the men and women on our TV crews for their patience and support thru the years.”

Griese has had a stellar career, both on and off the field, but he achieved a level of unwanted notoriety due to a comment he made during an October 2009 broadcast, when he made a wisecrack about auto racer Juan Pablo Montoya’s absence from the top 5 in NASCAR rankings. The reason, according to Griese? Montoya was probably “out having a taco.” Hilarious. And awkward. Probably inappropriate, too. In any event, Griese subsequently apologized for the politically incorrect, off-the-cuff remark, and despite a slight blemish on his reputation, retires as an admired, well-respected member of the media. So there you have it. And now, in the immortal words of Mr. Orange: “I’m hungry. Let’s get a taco.”

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