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Slusher? Reports Indicate Slash & Usher Will Perform At Super Bowl Halftime Show

What? All I’m saying is if Usher and Slash, who, according to anonymous reports, will join (and outshine, in my opinion) the Black Eyed Peas during Super Bowl XLV’s Super Terrific Happy Super Bowl Halftime Showcase Extravaganza, were to form an R&B/Rock hybrid supergroup, Slusher would be a badass name. What would you call them instead? Ushash? That sounds ridiculous. And yes, the naming of any pairing of two stars has to involve the blending of their names. It’s right there in the Tabloid Handbook.

Anyhoo, this bit of news is coming from a person speaking on the condition of anonymity, so take the news for what it’s worth. For all we know, this could have been put out there as a smokescreen and instead of Slash and Usher, the pairing very well could be two entirely different acts from the world of rock and R&B, say, Buckethead and Ray Parker, Jr. That would be awesome.

Report: Usher, Slash to play Super Bowl [ESPN Dallas]