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Harsh: Lindsey Vonn Uploads Video Of Her Gnarly Training Crash To Facebook

Lindsey Vonn had herself a pretty crazy crash during a training session, slamming her head, less than a week before the opening race of the World Championships.

Thankfully, she’s okay, although she did make a trip to the hospital for a CT scan as a precaution.

Via AP:

“I should be fine in a few days,” said Vonn, who was expected to race in a slalom on Friday and a GS the following day at a World Cup event in Arber-Zwiesel, Germany.

“I will have to see how I feel and play it by ear for the upcoming races this weekend,” the three-time overall World Cup champion said.

While unfortunately not embeddable, Vonn uploaded a video of the wipeout to her Facebook page with the following message:

I had a pretty scary crash today training GS in Hintereit, Austria. I hit my head pretty hard and had to go to the hospital to get a CT scan. Luckily the scan showed no major injuries! I will be very sore tomorrow but should be fine in a few days. I will have to see how I feel and play it by ear for the upcoming races this weekend in Zwiesel, Germany. Here is video of the crash. xo LV

After viewing said video and seeing the spill she took, I would say Vonn should consider herself very lucky she wasn’t seriously injured. But I should add that the video does lack some of theĀ  post-production qualities we have come to expect in this YouTube era. Personally, I would have added some star wipes. A cool soundtrack may have added a little panache to the video as well. “Wipe Out” by The Surfaris, perhaps?

Jeez, I’m sorry. That’s just cold, man. Nevertheless, she is okay and no worse for wear, so it’s all good. You know what? Maybe we should just think of her during better times. Yeah, that’s nice.

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