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Video: Ouch, Even B.J. Raji’s Green Bay Packers Teammates Can’t Do ‘The Raji’

This video of various Green Bay Packers players failing horribly at attempting to mimic the touchdown dance of B.J. Raji, fittingly called “The Raji” (what did you expect, “The Truffle Shuffle”?), the impromptu celebratory sequence of gyrations the portly defensive lineman performed during the NFC Championship Game, is rather unfortunate. I mean, these guys got no skills, man. No, no, that ain’t dancing, Sally.

Perhaps these uncoordinated, footwork-challenged, dancing automatons would have been better served had they reviewed the instructional video, “Teach Me How To Raji” prior to attempting such a complicated dance maneuver. Yeah, probably not. That video ain’t good for anybody, either.

[H/T The Fifth Down]