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They Have Charles Barkley On Computers Now? Introducing

Oh blessed day, what a blessed day it is, dear readers. Today, you see, marks the official launch of, Charles Barkley’s first official, patented foray into the confusing series of tubes we refer to as the interwebs. Outstanding.

While a little rough around the edges – which is to be expected – the site is chock full of Chucktasticness, including, but not limited to movie reviews, called the Round Mound of Review (sample: “Salt: Turrible or Not?” – brilliant), Barkley’s Spanish Word of the Day (today’s entry: “BOTAR EL BALĂ“N”, which apparently means “to throw away the ball”), Rant & Raves (example: “Why Rims, Why?” as in, why do people put rims on cars?), among many upon many of other features. It’s going to be sweet, and hopefully, incredibly controversial.

Barkley’s video preview of the site follows:

Charles Barkley has a message for all his fans from Turner Sports on Vimeo.

Awesome. My review: Definitely not turrible. NBA Legend Launches His Own Website [The Huffington Post]