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That Would Be The One, Bob: Ex-NFLer Kyle Turley Tells Bob Ley He Digs Weed

Kyle Turley who spent nine seasons as an NFL tackle with the New Orleans Saints, St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs, was a guest on ESPN’s Outside the Lines for their report on the troubling abuse of painkillers by NFL players. And let me tell you, he sure did deliver, especially in the manner in which he danced around how he chooses to use “alternative medical” treatments to deal with his pain, specifically as it pertains to the healing qualities, in Turley’s words, of “a little plant that grows out of the ground.” Far out, man.

Sports Grid has the groovy lowdown:

“I try to keep things personally a little more on, uh, um, uh, an alternative medical, uh, you know, thing,” Turley said in the Outside the Lines interview with host Bob Ley. He said he prefers to keep things natural, and doesn’t believe in the painkillers he sometimes needs (Vicodin) during the days he suffers most.

Later, Ley asked him if the “plant” he was referring to was cannabis. Turley responded by saying, “yes, that would be the one, Bob.”

“That would be the one, Bob.” Classic. Well done, Kyle. I award you three complimentary crazy helmet tosses for that line. And for Bob Ley, he deserves one doobie of cannabis.

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