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Now Here’s A Shocker: People In Wisconsin Name Their Kids After Packers Players

Consider my mind blowed. Even when taking into account the fact that the Green Bay Packers and their legions of fans have a uniquely close bond, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the hearty residents of the fine state of Wisconsin would go so far as naming their kids after their favorite players from their beloved team. That’s kooky talk!

Via the Pioneer Press:

Tony and Heather Eggen of Lake Hallie named each of their three children after a Packer player. There’s 14-year-old Reggie, who was born when the Packers were making a run that would end with a Super Bowl victory. Tony Eggen’s favorite player was Reggie White.

Then there’s 11-year-old Brooke, named for one of the Eggens’ favorite players, wide receiver Robert Brooks. And finally, there’s 9-year-old Vince, a namesake of the legendary head coach, Vince Lombardi.

In school, the kids are collectively known as “The Packer Family.” And get this: they even had a St. Bernard named Lombardi, but they had to get rid of him because he got too big. Now they have a dog named Lily. What? No kids, dogs or goldfish named Brett?All sarcasm aside, that’s the real shocker in this story. Although I should point out that the Eggens were married on Brett Favre’s birthday, but they insist that’s just a coincidence. Yeah, right.

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