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Nothing Says ‘Mighty Fancy Hockey Referee Uniforms’ Like A Simulated Tuxedo

Behold, ladies and germs, the epitome of the rapid advancements in referee uniforming style trends: the pseudo-tuxedo. These bad boys were worn by the referees officiating the 2011 Atlantic Junior Hockey League All-Star Game in Massachusetts last weekend. Flashy.

A Puck Daddy reader sent this photo in to that fine hockey blog with the following message: “The league is trying to make it ┬ámeaningful for the officials selected to work the all-star game by giving them something fun to wear, as the players get special sweaters as well.” Can’t argue with that, I guess. Although given that hockey is a purely Canadian sport, wouldn’t a uniform paying homage to the Canadian Tuxedo been much more fitting?

The best dressed all-star game referees in hockey? Stay classy, AJHL [Puck Daddy]