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How In The Hell Did This Dunk By Texas A&M’s Kourtney Robinson Pop Back Out?

Gravity, you have some ‘splainin’ to do! And while you’re at it, explain your basic principles to these two comely Aggie fans. Why yes, that was a rather weak, thinly veiled attempt to incorporate said photo of those two gals into this post. Sue me.

That’s some weird, wild, wacky stuff right there. It was pretty much all the way down through the net. And to think, had this dunk went in, Texas A&M would have only lost to Texas by 18 points. That’s makes for an entirely different ballgame. In a way.

You see, this would never happen in women’s college basketball. Embrace the beauty and purity of the layup, young ones.

[H/T The Dagger]