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Guh: A.J. Pierzynski Is Pals With The Talentless A-Holes From Creed

When you think about it for a second, the fact that Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski hangs out with band members of Creed is hardly surprising, given that both A.J. and Creed are so easy to not like. In fact, it can be said people love to hate both of them, due to their smarmy douchiness.

This is a little nugget which comes from a column’s Joe Lemire recently wrote regarding MLB players’ at-bat music (via Hardball Talk):

White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski is friendly with a few members of the band Creed, so he picked one of their songs, “Bullets,” last year.

I can see it now. A.J. and Scott Stapp, hanging out, um, doing whatever it is two jagoffs do when they hang out, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, Pierzynski’s a solid player who has had a pretty good career, but that guy has that uncanny trait which causes him to be adored when he’s on your team and despised when he’s not. I remember thinking Pierzynski was the man when when he played for the Twins and quickly began to tremendously dislike him after he was shipped out of town. The arrogant demeanor and cocky attitude, appreciated when he’s on your side, quickly becomes incredibly grating and annoying once you have no reason to root for him.

Creed, on the other hand? There is no legitimate, justifiable reason to like anything about those pseudo-rocker wannabe poseurs. They are eminently despicable and may God have mercy on your soul if you happen to be a fan of that drivel which is erroneously referred to as music.

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