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Epic Meal Time’s ‘Sloppy Roethlisberger’ Is Over 100,000 Calories Of Burgerliciousness

In honor of Super Bowl week, the twisted lads behind Epic Meal Time – if you are not yet familiar with their, shall we say, unique take on food, you are missing out, man – must have realized that there are few better ways to commemorate the occasion than to prepare a great big greasy testament to gastronomical gluttony, named in honor of the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback:

The Sloppy Roethlisberger: 20 pounds of bacon, 13 pounds of ground beef, 11 pounds of sausage, 10 pounds of bun, a ton of cheese. Do you know what that gets you? A 50-pound, 138,226 calorie “Super Bowl Burger” which contains 8,452 grams of fat.

That. Is. Awesome. Now that’s what the Super Bowl should be all about, my friends.

Video follows.

Here’s how the fat and calorie content breaks down in The Sloppy Roethlisberger:

  • Bad Ass Bun: 177 grams of fat, 14, 200 calories
  • Bacon Beef Patty: 5300 grams of fat, 75,765 calories
  • Drippy Cheese Burger Spread: 975 grams of fat, 11,700 calories
  • Maple Bacon: 2,000 grams of fat, 27,800 calories
  • Jack Daniels BBB “Sawse”: 8,761 calories, injected into patty with “burger-infusing apparatus”

My mouth is literally watering.

Before the preparation of The Sloppy Roethlisberger, a portion of the preamble, courtesy of our bearded guide:

“That’s real s**t.  All this meat, putting it together for the Big Sloppy Ben Roethlisberger Super Bowl Special Epic Meal Time s**t. I’m about to lose my fu**in’ mind…motherfu**in’ sports.


Ha. “Lay a sausage turd. Lay a few more.” Friggin’ brilliant, man. I especially enjoy the outtake at the end of the video where the dude breaks the bottle of Jack Daniels and tries to save some of the booze by jamming his hand up into the broken bottle. These guys rule. Big Ben should be honored to have his name attached to such a fantastic culinary creation.