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(Yawn) Hey Look, LeBron James Is Hosting Another Swanky Soiree, ‘My Way 2011’

What is this guy: an NBA player committed to getting to (and winning) the NBA Finals or some nattering nabob of narcissism hellbent on hosting an exclusive party in every major metropolitan area in the U.S.? He’s already rocked the town of Los Angeles with his penchant for partying, now it’s time to move on to Orlando.

As you can see, “King James” will be hosting an exclusive party at Orlando’s Tavern On The Lake, “My Way 2011 (Frank Sinatra is spinning in his grave). Supposedly, it will be “The Biggest Party To Ever Hit” said establishment. Wow. Huge party. In an Orlando nightclub. Color me impressed.

For a $15 cover charge, you will kind of sort of but not really be able to attend the same party as LeBron. You might even catch a glimpse of LeBron but if you think you’ll be rubbing elbows with the √úberdouche, you most certainly will not be in close enough proximity to LeBron (& Friends!) to do so, as I imagine those guys and their considerable entourage will be cordoned off in some exclusive area where moronic peons, such as those simple-minded souls who would gladly fork over a $15 cover charge just to say they went to a party hosted by LeBron James, will definitely not be admitted.

Moreover, if we’re playing the “NBA Players Hosting Swanky Soirees” card, wouldn’t a party hosted by the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard likely be considered “The Biggest Party To Ever Hit Tavern On The Lake”? You know, because Howard is personable, charismatic and well-liked, especially in Orlando? You know, the complete antithesis of King James?

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