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Shocking News: Joe Namath Remembers Stuff, Even Stuff From A Long Time Ago

I know! I’m as blown away by this as you likely are: Joe Namath can actually clearly and soberly remember all the great events which occurred during that magical New York Jets season of 1968 which culminated in the team making good on Broadway Joe’s legend-making Super Bowl guarantee and beating the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.

Namath reminisced about those good old days in a short piece entitled “I Remember … Joe Namath, Super Bowl III MVP,” published by Sporting News. An excerpt:

I was like a 2-month-old puppy dog back then. You know what a puppy’s like: They don’t know what’s going on, so they want to get into everything. I messed up a few times (off the field), but my teammates knew I was always ready to work. Football was the main focus of my life. I didn’t leave it at the stadium; I ate, slept and drank it, with a little social activity mixed in. After my career, I was reminded time and again how fortunate I was not to start a family until later. I could totally focus on the game.

I’ll always remember two games from that (1968) season. I played like a mutt. We lost at Buffalo (37-35 in Week 3). I threw five interceptions, and three were returned for touchdowns. How often does that happen? Two weeks later, we played at Denver at Shea and I did it again—five interceptions (in a 21-13 loss). I fooled myself into thinking I was ready, and I wasn’t. I learned a big-time lesson and learned to count on my defense. I did that the rest of the season—even in the Super Bowl, when we didn’t throw a pass in the fourth quarter. Didn’t have to.

There was no play to the guarantee. Before the Super Bowl, a big, heavy Colts fan in the back of the room said, “Hey Namath, we’re gonna kick your (expletive),” and I said it. “We’re gonna win the game. I guarantee it.” Having played for great high school, college and pro coaches, I was taught not to be overconfident, but that’s the way I felt. I was trained for that game since I was a young boy. My basic goals were always: 1. Earn a spot on the team; 2. Show them you’re a man; and 3. Win a championship.

Would you look at that? The old guy is as lucid as the day is long. I mean, who woulda thunk it, right? Even in his advancing age, old Joe Namath continues to amaze and surprise.

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