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(Photo) Bum’s Sign: ‘Charlie Sheen Invited Me To A Super Bowl Party But I Need Bus Fare’

+1, dirty hobo man. +1.

Big, big ups to my pals over at Busted Coverage for somehow managing to find this awesome photo featuring a homeless man’s unique way of requesting bus fare. It’s funny because Charlie Sheen might have really asked this bum to stop on by Super Bowl Sunday and take part in snorting copious amounts of cocaine while hanging out with porn stars. But now that Charlie’s in rehab, I’ll guess we’ll never know the truth. But somebody should have the heart to tell this guy about the party’s cancellation. I’m sure he’ll take the news reasonably well. Or maybe he won’t. We are talking about a Charlie Sheen Super Bowl Bash here, people. Lord only knows what would have happened during that cocaine-fueled freak show.

[H/T Busted Coverage]