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NBA Injury News Update: Gilbert Arenas’ Left Knee Is Apparently Quite Befuddled

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Don’t believe me? Then how do you explain the above box score from a recent Orlando Magic game regarding Gilbert Arenas being held out? It says it plain as day: “DNP: Left Knee Confusion.” But what is Gilbert’s left knee confused about? That’s the pressing question here. Florida’s gun laws? Why when a doctor bumps it with a hammer it causes a reflex which makes the leg raise? It could be a multitude of things, I suppose.

What’s that? A typographical error? Doubtful. I mean, when is the last time you saw something on the internet that contain misspellings, grammatical and/or typographical errors? As you know, people are pretty darn careful about what they put up on the internet. Further, this is a screencap from, and and it is incredibly rare when they get something wrong.

[H/T Mr. Irrelevant]