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Awkward: Jeremy Roenick Thinks Dustin Byfuglien Can Rap, Because, Um, You Know…

Scratch that. This interview from the NHL Network’s coverage of All-Star Weekend, which transpired on the red carpet between Atlanta Thrashers defenseman Dustin Byfuglien and Jeremy Roenick alongside Kevin Weekes is beyond awkward. It’s a punch yourself in the gut, cover your eyes and pray-for-it-to-be-mercifully-over level of awkwardness. The word awkward itself is humiliated that it has to be regrettably attached to this level of mind-numbing gracelessness.

To begin with, there are audio problems with Kevin Weekes’ microphone. Second, Roenick gets everything backwards, hammering on the fact that only an idiotic coach would switch Dustin Byfulglien to defense, which is exactly what the Atlanta Thrashers did when Byfuglien arrived with the team via a trade with the Blackhawks, asking the defenseman how he felt about the decision, as if he’s going to rip his new team and coach.

But the icing on the cringe-inducing cake is when Roenick asks Byfuglien to perform a “quick rap,” presumably, inconceivably and embarrassingly due to Roenick’s twisted logic that since Byfuglien’s father is African-American, he must be able to rap. At least that’s what I think we can reasonably surmise from this Roenick’s epic fail of an interview. Wysh over at Puck Daddy reasons that Roenick perhaps suspected that Byfuglien can rap because he now plays in Atlanta. That’s a good one. Well played, Wysh.

To his credit, Byfuglien admirably rolls with it, tries to be a good sport and says, “No. I’m a country boy.” Hoo boy. Jeremy Roenick, dude, that’s just, um, terrible.

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