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WTF? Fans Won’t Be Able To See Video Board From Some Temporary Seats At Super Bowl

Super Bowl? More like Super Lame, amirite? What would be the point of procuring – for an outrageous sum of money, I might add – an obstructed view seat for Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium if from where you are seated you won’t even be able to see the ginormous video screen which hangs suspended over the field of play? I mean, give me a seat where I can see the screen and not the field, for crying out loud.

Above is a photo of one such example of the temporary seating currently being installed at Cowboys Stadium in advance of the big event. This particular one, for example, is place behind Section 200. As you can plainly see, the person in this seat will have a, um, decent view of the field, but for goodness sake, they can’t see the gosh-darned video screen, as it is obstructed by the underside of some blasted seating decks! And isn’t the video screen what’s it all about? If I’m spending my hard-earned money to go to the Super Bowl, I best be able to see that highfalutin video board. Darn tootin’.

In any event, 2,000 people are hard at work frantically trying to add 15,000 additional seats for the big game next Sunday. But have no fear, there is a plan in place to make sure every added seat is the least amount of crappy for the most amount of money they figure they can squeeze out of potential attendees. In fact, people are testing the obstructed view seating and some might even be taken out, so says Bill McConnell, NFL direction of media operations (via The Dallas Morning News):

“Our ticketing people are going to go through with the people that are building the seats to make sure which ones are obstructed and which ones aren’t,” McConnell said. “There is a process in place to determine which seats will be included on game day. … Some seats that are here now won’t be there on game day, and some may be added.”

Yeah, right. I may not know much about a lot of things, but I can say this is an absolute certainty: if someone is willing to pay for a ticket to the crappiest seat imaginable, the NFL will make sure there’s a seat available for purchase, even if the damn thing is on top of the stadium with no view of the field or the video board.

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