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TNT Is Sorry You Had To Hear About Tracy Morgan’s Masturbatory Fixation On Sarah Palin

Of course, the big story buzzing about the interwebs today is the absolute brilliance of one Tracy Morgan and how said comedic magnificence manifested itself during his hilarious, albeit brief, appearance on TNT’s Inside the NBA pregame show prior to the New York Knicks-Miami Heat game. If you haven’t heard about it yet, Morgan was simply responding to Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith’s query regarding the relative attractiveness of Sarah Palin and Morgan’s 30 Rock co-star, Tina Fey. That’s when things got out of control, as Morgan eloquently stated that it is his opinion that Sarah Palin is “Serious masturbation material.” Epic awkwardness followed.

In case for some unfortunate reason you have not seen it, video (as well as TNT’s apology) follows.

Well done, Mr. Morgan. Well done. That guy puts the “loose” in “loose cannon.”

Obviously, once the nattering nabobs of hypersensitivity started lighting up TNT’s phone lines, the network felt compelled to issue a prompt apology for Tracy Morgan’s razzly-dazzly performance.

Via Game On!

“It’s unfortunate Mr. Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments. We apologize for any embarrassment or offense it may have caused,” said Turner spokesman Jeff Pomeroy in a statement.

I beg to differ, Mr. Pomeroy. The only lack of judgment Morgan showed was not mentioning Tina Fey should be considered “serious masturbation material” as well, an opinion I am sure Morgan holds as well. Don’t leave Tina’s attractiveness out of it, Tracy.

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