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Sweet, Syrupy Justice: Charges Dropped Against Waffle-Throwing Maple Leafs Fan

During a court appearance on Thursday, charges of criminal mischief were dropped against Toronto Maple Leafs fan Joe Robb relating to an incident on December 20th when he hurled some thawed waffles onto the ice at Air Canada Centre to express his displeasure with the team’s performance. It was an impressive legal victory for the passionate fan, as Robb, a seasonal worker who only attends games when he can afford it, refused to cut a deal and plead guilty to the charge. Via the Toronto Star:

“They wanted me to do over 30 hours of community service and they wanted me to sign a peace bond and other stuff. I refused,” said Robb, 31. “My parents are proud people, Scottish people. And they just always told me, no matter what I do, I should always stick up for myself and back what you’re doing and don’t stand down.”

Good for him, although a risky legal maneuver to not plea out. Unfortunately for Robb, despite his success in the legal system, the lifetime ban implemented by the arena is still in effect, as his lawyer reported the “notice of trespass” Robb was served is still valid and enforceable.

Robb hopes that one day the ban will be lifted, but he does not regret doing what he did:

“I said, let’s keep ’er going. We pay the same money. Why can’t we throw waffles because we think they’re playing bad,” he said. “People throw hats when they think they’re playing good. Why can’t we do something to show disapproval for what’s happened over the past 44 years — especially in my lifetime, 25 years of robbing us and lies?”

What a champion for the inalienable rights of all the mistreated and miserable Toronto Maple Leafs fans, given how their spirits have been broken and their enthusiasm for the team downtrodden courtesy of the franchise’s lengthy ineptitude. Not only that, Robb has become something of a businessman, as he has parlayed his notoriety into a little side business, selling the Waffle Nation shirts he’s modeling in the above photo for $20 a pop. Although one could argue he is not a terribly savvy businessman – Robb will be donating all proceeds to charity once he sells enough shirts to cover his legal expenses. Savvy? No. Classy? Absolutely. Especially for a waffle-chucker.

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