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Finally, A Video That Will ‘Teach Me How To Raji,’ In Other Words, Dance Like A Fat Green Bay Packer

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick. What you see above is a delightful slice of whimsy about the ins, outs and thrusts needed to “Raji,” as in dance like Green Bay Packers nose tackle B.J. Raji did after he returned a pick for a touchdown during the 4th quarter of the NFC Championship Game against the Chicago Bears. It’s amusing, you see.

The video, on the other hand, is more, um, weird. It features people, presumably from Green Bay,  from all walks of life and of varying levels of cholesterol counts putting their hands on their hips and swiveling. It’s a real hoot.

And thankfully, folks, you can now tell your friends, family and co-workers that after viewing this video, you now know how to “Raji,” although if you needed the video to figure it out there’s not much hope for you.

[H/T Kissing Suzy Kolber]