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Bill Murray Shoved A Packers Fan At NFC Championship, Called Ray Nitschke A P*ssy

“That picture is of him laughing in my face" - Matt Katrosar

God, just when you think Bill Murray can’t get any more awesome (and completely off his rocker nuts), he goes and pulls a stunt like this – and adds another layer of zaniness to his considerable legend. According to a story first published on BlackBook (which I saw on FilmDrunk), a Green Bay Packers fan and his pal who were in attendance at the NFC Championship Game last Sunday when the Pack took on the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field were fortunate enough to be seated right in from of diehard Bears fan of some renown, Bill Murray. Unfortunately, Mr. Murray didn’t much appreciate these two Packers fans whooping it up right in front of him on his home turf. How annoyed was Murray with the Cheeseheads’ antics? He shoved one of them and called legendary Green Bay Packers middle linebacker and Hall of Famer Ray Nitschke a p*ssy. Wow.

My friend Matt Katrosar flew to Chicago last weekend to hang out with some of his Windy City pals and attend the Bears/Packers NFL playoff game. He was wearing a Green Bay jersey (in support of old-school Packers legend Ray Nitschke) amid a sea of Chicago blue. During the 2nd quarter, Matt celebrated a considerably good play on the part of Green Bay with the usual hootin’ and hollerin’ reserved for such moments. That’s when he was blatantly shoved from behind. Turning to catch a glimpse of his assailant, he discovered his pusher was none other than Bill Murray, a huge Chicago Bears fan, who was unapologetically enjoying the moment.

Matt’s friend managed to capture a photo of Murray in mid-celebration, laughing at the rival fans. Naturally, Matt wanted a picture with the legendary actor. Murray’s response to his request? “Nitschke is a pussy.”

Best story ever, or GREATEST STORY EVAR? All I know is I wish I was lucky enough to be seated next to Bill Murray during a Bears-Vikings game and have the pleasure of him shoving me and then informing me that Jim Marshall was a p*ssy. That would be so sweet. And then I would have that going for me. Which is nice.

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