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Aw Jeez: Now The Training Camp Sites Of The Steelers And Packers Are Making Wagers

I have previously expressed my disdain for the traditional practice of politicians making ridiculous wagers regarding the outcomes of big sporting events. These utter wastes of time usually involving foodstuffs or commodities which have become a trademark of their respective communities. It’s silly.

Well it appears to entities have elected to up the stupidity ante as officials of St. Vincent College near Latrobe, PA and St. Norbert College in Wisconsin, the schools where training camps for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, respectively, are held have decided it would be a hoot and a holler to make a wager between the colleges. Because, you know, they are almost partially tangentially related to the teams competing in Super Bowl XLV. And you will not believe what’s hanging in the balance of the outcome of the big game.

Via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

If the Steelers win, St. Norbert will send St. Vincent some of Wisconsin cheese and sausage and a copy of a book about the Packers and St. Norbert in the Lombardi years. The legendary Green Bay coach, after whom the Super Bowl trophy is named, spent nine years at St. Norbert while the Packers trained there.

If the Packers win, St. Vincent will send St. Norbert a gift basket containing a bag of stone ground flour from its historic gristmill, a loaf of its bread, a bag of black-and-gold special blend coffee beans from its campus coffeehouse and a copy of Jim O’Brien’s  book, “Always a Steeler,” which has stories about player experiences on campus.

Whoa! I’m on pins and needles here wondering which school will come up as the big winners. There’s sausage and cheese, and flour and coffee riding on this, people!

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