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Whew! Mark Sanchez’s Booger Wipe On Mark Brunell Was ‘More Of A Fake Booger Wipe’

"What's the point of mining for nose gold if you can't share it with the villagers?"

Good to know. Good to know.

Finally, we can put the Mark Sanchez and Mark Brunell Booger Brother Brouhaha behind us, tucked away neatly and out of sight like a booger wiped carefully away and expertly smeared underneath a couch cushion. Apparently, according to New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez, it was a fake booger wipe, not a real booger wipe. In fact, it was so cold out he nose wasn’t even producing boogers, just more of runny mess, so if anything, Sanchez was simply wiping snot on his backup quarterback.

Sanchez appeared on ESPN New York and of course, Boogergate was brought up as a topic of conversation. Enjoy the madness (via Sports Radio Interviews):

Why he decided to wipe a booger on Mark Brunell’s jacket:

“I have been getting so many text messages and phone calls about this. He is like my big brother and we have such a great relationship and I just feel so bad that it was on TV and I got to know that. I am on the sidelines but that is the way we are. We just have fun and joke around and keep things light because that is the way I play my best. I did not want it to be a disrespectful thing, obviously, and he knew that. I called him the very next day, ‘I am so sorry. I feel so bad’ and he said, ‘Oh don’t worry about it. Only 55 million people saw you fake-wipe a booger on me.’”

If it was a fake-wipe or a legitimate wipe of a booger:

“Oh no! It was like a fake. It was like a cold weather, like almost-runny-nose-not-even-a-real-booger. If it would have been there it would have been a legit booger. I don’t think I could have done that to him… It was like it is cold outside and my nose is like not fully running or anything but just like a little mess around more than anything. It was more of a fake-booger-wipe if anything. If it would have been a legit booger they probably would not have showed it on TV. So that was the funny part and he just, just the way he brushed it off. ‘Oh yeah only 55 million people saw it.’ He was like, ‘You are good.’ I am so sorry. I mean he is the best. He is the best in the world and he knows I was just joking. It is just too bad, and the worst part is, I mean, I know he is going to get me back. Nobody else is going to be around to see it. It will be worse I am sure.”

Oh man. Sitting on pins and needles while waiting for a retaliatory booger-wiping is absolute torture. Who knows when it’s coming and even worse, you have no idea what kind of booger it’s going to be. Chilling. But seriously, how many times did Mark Sanchez say the word “booger” during that interview? That has got to be a record for the word “booger” being uttered during one radio interview. Well, except for maybe that one  Curtis Armstrong interview…

Mark Sanchez: “It was more of a fake-booger-wipe if anything.” [Sports Radio Interviews]