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Kung Pao! Derrick Likes His Chicken Spicy – Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose, That Is

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose hasn’t been feeling too well as of late. He began experiencing heartburn on Monday and was having difficulty drinking, eating and swallowing. Rose believed it was the stomach flu, but after some tests, doctors discovered two ulcers in his stomach. As a person who has experienced an ulcer or two in his life, I can attest that the condition can be quite debilitating. But what caused Rose’s issues? The stresses and pressures relating to being a rising star in the NBA in one of the most passionate sports markets? Nope. Rose believes it’s from too much spicy food in his diet.

Via CBS Sports:

Rose said they’re not sure what caused the problem. But he blamed it on spicy food, saying, “That’s the thing I’m going with.”

Ouch, man. As mentioned above, I’ve had ulcers before and even with them, much like George, I still like my chicken spicy. It’s a way of life, really.

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