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Huh: Members Of ’90s Band Garbage Updates Green Bay Packers Fight Song, ‘Go Pack Go’

A few members of ’90s alternative band Garbage (not frontwoman Shirley Manson, but like I wasn’t going to use a photo of her…God, I loved that freaky woman) have updated the Green Bay Packers fight song, “Go Pack Go” (which is played ad nauseum at Lambeau Field during Packers games) and transformed it into a far more modern sounding, more rocking version.

The updated version is performed by the band 6 Packers, which Vig formed with fellow Garbage member Duke Erikson and guitar tech Chad Zaemish. Butch Vig, who was a very accomplished producer before he formed Garbage (he’s behind Nirvana’s Nevermind and Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins, among others), is a native Wisconsinite and is absolutely thrilled by the positive reception to the song, which is currently being played by two Madison radio stations.

Via MTV:

“I grew up in Wisconsin, and every Sunday during football season, it was like time stopped. You could go downtown and rob a bank, because everybody was watching the Packers play,” he laughed. “My dad was way into them, and funnily enough, my mom hated the Packers and loved the Vikings, so that was a dilemma. But I’ve always loved the Packers, ever since I can remember.”

Way to go, Mama Vig. Sticking with your team while living in enemy territory. She probably felt like she was the queerest of the queer, the strangest of the strange, the coldest of the cool, the lamest of the lame…well, you get the bit.

The song follows.

The Packers even play the updated version of “Go Pack Go” at Lambeau Field. Said Vig:

“The cool thing is, we sent it to the people at Lambeau — I know one of the DJs, Malcolm, who does on-field [music] at Lambeau Field — and when they first got it, Chad and I went to the game, and they played it, like, 15 times during the game,” he laughed. “We were just in heaven, and, like, I know I’ve done Green Day and the Pumpkins and Garbage and whatever, but now I can die a happy man. I’ve had a song played at Lambeau.”

Yeah, I hate to rain on Vig’s provincialism parade, but I have to disagree with his assessment of his life’s accomplishments and the manner in which he rates them. Even producing a subpar Green Day album is way better than having your song played at Lambeau Field. No offense.

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