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Father Of Hospitalized Iowa Hawkeye Football Player Is An Aspiring Comedian

At a press conference yesterday to address the erupting controversy regarding the hospitalization of 13 Iowa Hawkeye football players who have developed rhabdomyolysis, a “stress-induced muscle syndrome that can damage cells and cause kidney failure in severe cases” due to excessive and grueling offseason workouts, Biff Poggi, the father of one of the hospitalized players, Jim Poggi, seized his moment in the limelight to showcase his comedic chops.

Here’s how aspiring stand-up comedian Biff Poggi addressed the care his son is currently receiving (via

“I can tell you that they are getting a lot of care. And also, for me, as a dad, you know, I don’t know I didn’t go to medical school and I don’t sleep in a Holiday Inn Express, either…”

“Take my son, please! But seriously, folks…”

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