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Yummy: Michelle Beadle To Serve As Guest Judge On Guy Fieri’s ‘Tailgate Warriors’

Like I’ve always said, “Any Michelle Beadle news is good enough for me.” Okay, I’ve never said that, but I did once say, “Boy, that Michelle Beadle sure is pretty. I wonder what she thinks of the chances are of a guy like her and a girl like me… ending up together.” Fine, I’ve never said that either, I just needed to incorporate a Dumb & Dumber reference into this post to win at Blogger Bingo. Nevertheless, it is true: Michelle Beadle gnews is good gnews with Gary…Gnu.

(marks ‘Great Space Coaster’ reference box on new Blogger Bingo card -yippee!)

Moving on…via ESPN Media Zone:

SportsNation co-host Michelle Beadle will make a guest appearance on Food Network’s Tailgate Warriors series alongside popular host Guy Fieri. The show will premiere Saturday, Jan. 29, at 10 p.m. The culinary battle royale will determine the ultimate tailgate champion. The two top scoring tailgate teams, the Seattle Seahawks’ Team Blue 22 and the Chicago Bears’ Da Bus, faced off at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park in November. Beadle served as a guest judge for the competition.

I guess you could say this is an indication that Miss Beadle is a rising star, but I’m afraid guest judging on a show on Food Network would have to be considered a lateral move at best. All I know is I’ll be watching, and that’s saying something. That Tailgate Warriors show is brutal. And we’re talking Guy Fieri here to boot, who can get to be a little much after awhile. And “after awhile,” I of course mean after four consecutive episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Jesus, I can’t get enough of that show, in spite of Guy Fieri’s presence, especially when I’m hungry. All that greasy deliciousness. If there is one show on that network which validates Jim Gaffigan’s opinion that Food Network is like porn, Triple D most certainly could be the one.

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