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Uh-Oh, If There’s A Work Stoppage, Roger Goodell’s Salary Will Be Reduced To $1

"Oh jeez. Ramen again? Can we at least get some of the shrimp-flavored kind?"

Commissioner Roger Goodell apparently has a lot at stake if the NFL and NFLPA cannot reach an agreement and there is a work stoppage in early March when the current collective bargaining agreement expires: his salary.

According to a letter from Goodell to league owners obtained by, Goodell, as well as Chief NFL negotiator Jeff Pash, will have their salaries reduced to $1 if the sides cannot come to terms. Corporate bonuses will also be held back, at least until April. That’s like a whole month, people.

Via The Huddle:

At that time, portions of bonuses will be held in reserve (10% for VPs, 25% for senior VPs, and 35% for executive VPs), and those balances won’t be paid until a new collective bargaining agreement is reached.

Before you cry tears of pity for Roger Goodell and his #1 hatchet man chief negotiator, as they prepare to drastically change their lavish lifestyles and eschew the finer things in life and start taking public transportation and being eating – gulp – generic macaroni and cheese (perish the thought) – bear in mind that while Goodell earned a salary of $2.9 million in 2009 and that would be the sum that would be affected at the reduction of his salary of $1, he also earned bonuses in excess of $6 million, as his total compensation was a whopping $9.76 million.

What is perhaps most telling here, at least according to the facts currently being reported, is that Goodell alluded to only a slight delay in the payment of bonuses with a percentage being held until an agreement is reached, I wouldn’t worry about Goodell or any of the other bigshots at NFL offices brown-bagging it every day. At the same time, if given the chance, I would like to point out to these guys that Buddig meats are vastly underrated. Especially the Oven Roasted Turkey variety. That’s some tasty eating right there.

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