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Suck It, Dandruff-Headed Troy Polamalu, Clay Matthews Just Signed On With Suave

If the Pittsburgh Steelers thought they would be the only team in Super Bowl XLV to feature a stellar defensive player who possesses flowing tresses of fabulous – yet masculine – hair who has parlayed their scalp into an endorsement deal with a primo hair care product, well, they’ve got another thing coming. Suave has announced that they have signed on golden-locked Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews to endorse their recently formulated men’s shampoo products. Yeah, that’s right Troy Polamalu, you just got served, good sir. Served with a whole heaping mess of crazy-haired competition in the now heavily-contested men’s hair care market.

Via Sports Biz with Darren Rovell:

Matthews’ marketing agent Ryan Williams of Athletes First told CNBC that it’s a one-year deal that includes media appearances pre- and post Super Bowl and a production day should the company want to film a commercial or additional advertising with him. Terms were not disclosed.

“The idea behind Suave is that men need different products than women,” Williams said. “Clay really wanted to do a deal like this.”

I bet Polamalu is so mad he could spit right about now. Here he thought no fellow NFLer possessed the scalpular fortitude to horn in on the market he self-righteously thought he had cornered. Well, Troy, it’s judgment day, and nobody cares anymore if Head & Shoulders makes your head tingle. Real men use Suave. I guess. Well, if they didn’t before, they sure as heck do now.

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