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Lindsey Vonn Is Apparently A Lot Tougher Than Jay Cutler

Granted, they compete in completely different sports and the consequences of continuing on despite an injury are wholly different in scope and potential seriousness, but the fact that Lindsey Vonn has soldiered on and continued racing despite a “possible” sprain of the MCL in her left knee on Saturday – the exact same injury suffered by Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. In light of this,  I suppose one could make the argument that Vonn is tougher – or at the very least possesses a far greater intestinal fortitude and more finely honed and dedicated sense of competitiveness – than Jay Cutler.

Vonn suffered her injury on Saturday while careening down a mountainside at 75 miles per hour when she momentarily lost control, nearly doing the splits.

Via the Star Tribune:

“Honestly, it shocked me quite a bit,” said Vonn, who recovered to finish third. “I was actually pretty scared and thought I was going to T-bone the fence.”

In testament to her toughness and dedication, Vonn raced the next day in a Super-G event, albeit on pain medication. That’s guts. Better yet? She won Sunday’s race. And she’s confident she’s going to win the whole damn thing.

“Don’t count me out. I’ve won this title three times. I have experience,” Vonn said in a teleconference Tuesday after being selected as the U.S. Olympic Committee’s sportswoman of the year for 2010. Vonn and Evan Lysacek were selected as the U.S. Olympic Committee’s sportswoman and sportsman of the year for 2010.

“I’m still very positive and still very much in the hunt.”

As mentioned above, it is risky to compare the two athletes, considering the multitude of factors and differences between the sports these two participate in, but the fact remains: Lindsey Vonn sprained her MCL and continued to compete. Cutler did not. I’m not sure exactly what that says about each of them in the grand scheme of things, but I do know it compels me to admire Lindsey Vonn a lot more than I do Jay Cutler. Plus, she’s much more accomplished in her sport, not to mention a whole lot prettier. Yeah, I went there.

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