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1980s Comedian Gallagher Approves Of Guy Driving A Golf Ball Through A Watermelon

Although, Gallagher would have probably opted to use his trusty old Sledge-O-Matic instead of an Adams’ Speedline F11, the club which long-drive champion Jamie Sadlowski uses in the above demonstration which illustrates the devastating effects a golf ball can have on a melon.

(Note: and by the way, yes, the above linked YouTube video of a Gallagher stand-up performance actually did constitute groundbreaking, high concept comedy in the 1980s. No, seriously. I’m pretty sure obscene amounts of cocaine had a lot to do with it. With that in mind, you whippersnappers today better just count your blessings that you have outstanding acts like Dane Cook around these days to amuse and entertain you…)

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]