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Tony Kornheiser Is Miffed (And Aroused): Hannah Storm Signs Extension With ESPN

ESPN has released a statement announcing that they have signed Hannah Storm to a multi-year contract extension, meaning that the world will continue to be blessed as we all enjoy her considerable journalistic chops – but even more so (hopefully), her sassy sense of style – for many, many years to come.

Of course, my reference to Tony Kornheiser stems from his controversial and critical comments during his radio program about this time last year regarding the very outfit Hannah wore during a SportsCenter broadcast, an insulting affront to the integrity of ESPN’s Golden Girl which prompted the network to suspend Kornheiser “for some time.” Good times. Catty times.

But that is all ancient, red go-go booted history. I imagine both Kornheiser and Storm have long since moved on from that awkward incident and now is the time to look ahead. I am sure ESPN’s Executive Vice President, Production, Norby (NORBY!) Williamson, agrees with the above sentiment, and here is the statement NOBRY issued regarding the news (via ESPN Media Zone):

“Hannah brings a wealth of experience, hard work and professionalism into every assignment. She will continue to help drive the success of the morning SportsCenter and her added presence will strengthen our big event coverage.”

Oh, I got a big event Hannah can cover…

What? I’m referring to her continued coverage of the Tournament of Roses parade. Gosh, you people with your dirty minds.

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