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The Next Great Towel War Is Upon Us: The Battlefield? Baraboo, Wisconsin

In hindsight, this might be the first Great Towel War in human history, but just because World War I was the first “World War” didn’t make it less ugly, less, um, historical. So there. Moving on, what is transpiring at McArthur Towel and Sports in Baraboo, Wisconsin, is not only tearing a family apart, it might very well rip an entire community into cloth-like shreds. You see, McArthur Towel and Sports has been the official manufacturer of the Terrible Towel for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 1997. Given that the Steelers will be facing the beloved home-state Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV, well, I don’t have to tell you how conflicted one Wisconsin community feels right about now.

But before the townspeople put on their cheesehead helmets and arm themselves with pitchforks and torches and march on the McArthur Towel and Sports factory, someone should inform them that despite the company’s business relationship with the Steelers, the President, Gregg McArthur – he spells Gregg with two g’s, like former Packers player and coach Forrest Gregg, so you know he’s down – bleeds green and gold. So much so, that he has been busying himself with creating a new, updated version of the “Titletown USA” towel which the company manufactured specifically for Green Bay’s 1997 run to the Super Bowl.

And believe you me, it does not matter that the company’s coffers overflow with money from Steelers Nation, McArthur’s heart belongs to the Packers (via USA Today):

“I love our Packers,” McArthur said. “We bleed green and gold in Baraboo. Right now we’re working closely with the Packers to put together a product that will basically compete with the Terrible Towel. We’ve got a towel war going here between the Terrible Towel and the Packer towel.”

See? You  heard it from the man at the epicenter of the conflict himself: this is war. A towel war. Although unlikely, I hate to admit it, there very well could be blood spilled during this conflict. At least there will be a bunch of towels laying around to mop it all up. I suppose that’s a positive.

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