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Have Your Heart Broken By 4-Year-Old Lauren, Who Bawls Her Eyes Out Because The Bears Lost

In what surely will become a viral video hit, here’s 4-year-old “Bears fan” Lauren, who is absolutely devastated that the Chicago Bears lost in the NFC Championship Game to those mean old Green Bay Packers, because, as she sobbingly puts it, she “wanted the Bears to win.” She also adds, “I hate the Packers,” and let’s be honest, can anybody really blame her? This little gal is wise beyond her years, but that is coming from a Vikings fan. Sigh.

By the way, I put “Bears fan” in quotes above because according to her dad (who I am assuming is vlogger jacoblauren), Lauren “paid no attention to the Packers-Bears showdown” and has “shown no interest in football, ever.”

As a parent, allow me to interject that you never quite know what’s going to send a four-year-old into a fit of crying, even if the subject of the child’s despair is something he or she couldn’t care less about. Children are truly mystifying little humans. Just wait until someone tells her about all the bad things the meanies have been saying about Jay Cutler. That, my friends, could turn into an ugly scene.

Video follows.

That poor little girl. One of the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) parts of the video is the following exchange between Lauren’s dad and the heartbroken, adorable little girl:

Dad: “The bears could maybe win next year.”

Lauren: “No.”

Dad: “You’re probably right.”

That’s cold, Lauren’s dad. Cold.

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