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Extraneous ‘S’ In ‘Gopherss’ In AP Headline Confounds Editors Nationwide

While I should be the last person to criticize any other person’s work as it pertains to grammatical and/or typographical errors – I’ve been known to accidentally using “there” when I should have used “their” among other embarrassing transgressions, so I understand how a minor mistake can slip through the cracks, even when one is editing their own work, let alone another person’s efforts in a throwaway article.

I also should admit I have no idea what process is involved when news agencies pick up on an AP story and add it to their site’s content. Despite my ignorance – which is considerable, I might add – I found it somewhat amusing that nearly every site I visited that picked up the AP’s story regarding Minnesota Gophers point guard Al Nolen’s foot injury did not notice the extraneous “s” in Gophers in the headlines. As seen above, the USA Today missed it. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and The Seattle Times missed it, too. Fox News? Fair and balanced, as it pertains to editorial oversights? You betcha.

In fact, the only site I found during a brief, rudimentary search that picked up the story but corrected the AP’s glaring error was the Big Ten Network. Good for you, editor of the Big Ten Network site. Here’s a cookie. Not a real one, of course. One of those internet-ey thingamajobbers.